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Sustainable Economics

Course Contents

The "Sustainable Economics" module is designed for master's students in economics who are interested in understanding the interplay between economic systems, sustainability, and long-term planning. This module aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of sustainable resource management, circular economy, and resource efficiency, while also exploring the role of policy and transitions in achieving sustainable economic growth. The course will also delve into social economics, examining how economic activities impact and are influenced by social processes and structures. Both orthodox and heterodox economic theories will be explored, providing a balanced and comprehensive view of sustainable economics.


Understand the key concepts and tools of sustainable economics, including ecological and environmental economics, and their application to real-world problems. Analyze the relationships between the economy, society, and environment using tools such as input-output analysis and system dynamics modeling. Evaluate the effectiveness of various economic policies and systems in promoting environmental sustainability and long-term economic growth. Develop critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills to assess the challenges and opportunities in implementing sustainable economic practices. Enhance communication skills to effectively convey sustainable economic ideas to both economists and non-economists. Conduct individual research projects focusing on real-world problems related to sustainable economics, allowing students to explore their specific interests.

Registration and course materials

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Module: Finance II
Course: Sustainable Economics
Stage of study: 2./3. semester
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Peter N. Posch
Credits: 4 SWS / 7,5 Credits
Type: Lecture and Exercise
Language: English
Type of examintation: Exam or graded presentation based on written case study’s expose. 
When taught: Summer semester (as of 2024)