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Department of Business and Economics

Financial Modelling

Course contents

The course implements concepts of finance, risk management and financial markets in an application-oriented way. The theoretical foundations of the concepts are explored and the implementation in a practical application environment and working with real data is trained.


Students learn basic concepts of finance and their application using real data sets. The implementation of the concepts using standard software (Excel and VBA) is trained and problems in implementation are discussed.


Since physical attendance is limited by the size of the computer lab, students must register in advance. To do so, send an email early to gerrit.koechlingtu-dortmundde with the subject line "Registration Financial Modeling". Please list your major, previous grade point average, and semester of study.

You will be notified whether you will receive a physical seat in the computer lab approximately one to two weeks before the start of the semester.



Module: 8a-d: Finance II
Course: Financial Modelling 
Stage of study: 5. semester
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Peter N. Posch
Credits: 7,5 Credits
Type: Lecture and Exercise
Language: English
Type of examination: (computer-based) Exam
When taught: Summer Term